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Timothy Leary's 8 Circuits of Consciousness-Brain model.

"There's more to evolution than a little DNA."
Stuart Davis

The 8-circuits-of-Consciousness is a heuristic model to help us navigate through our personal evolution. In the works and books of Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Antero Alli, John C. Lilly and others, these great minds suggest guidelines, meditation practices, rituals and even consciousness-altering substances linked to each circuit to help us evolve as the circuits harmoniously interconnect to raise our consciousness.

Always remember that the map is not the territory, a metaphorical representation of a concept is not the concept.

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  • Robert Anton Wilson videos about the 8 circuit model
  • Circuit Comparison with Gurdjieff, Freud, Jung, Berne, Sagan, Piaget & Wilber
  • Circuit Wordcloud Summary States Techniques Drugs
  • Excerpt from RAW's Quantum Psychology: Lower Circuit Positive/Negative Overview
  • The Eight Basic Winner/Loser Scripts by Robert Anton Wilson (Illuminati Papers excerpt)
  • Circuits States of Consciousness and Chakra Energy Centers
  • Tool - Forty six & two sample music player

    External Links:
  • The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension 8 circuit portal
    Please take some time to go through this excellent and huge resource of information on the 8 circuit model. (Deoxy.org)
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  • 8 Circuits Overview by Robert Anton Wilson (Cosmic Trigger excerpt)
  • Shorter Circuits Overview by Robert Anton Wilson (Prometheus Rising excerpt) & more (the-goddess.org)
    In this overview, RAW switches circuits 6 & 7. I don't really know why (yet). Don't fret, it's just another map for the territory!
  • Other Overviews: starwood - phinwebb - fusion anomaly - wiki
  • Cybercraft: The Circuits molded in a Wicca model
  • The Neuropharmacy of an Eight-Circuit Brain by Antero Alli: What actions & drugs activate which circuits?
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  • The Eight Basic Winner/Loser Scripts by Robert Anton Wilson (Illuminati Papers excerpt)
  • Druidjournal: Archetypes and Circuits - Astrology and Circuits - Imprints of the Fourth Circuit
  • RAW vid: 7 circuits' their Gods & Weekdays counterparts

    Recommended Books:
  • Robert Anton Wilson - Prometheus Rising
  • Robert Anton Wilson - Quantum Psychology
  • Robert Anton Wilson - Cosmic Trigger Trilogy
  • Timothy Leary - Info-Psychology
  • Timothy Leary - Game of life
  • Timothy & Joanna Leary - Neurologic
  • John Lilly - Programming and Metaprogramming the Human Biocomputer [full & free! click!]
  • Excerpt from John Lilly's book
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  • Antero Alli & Christopher S. Hyatt - A Modern Shaman's Guide to a Pregnant Universe
  • Christopher S. Hyatt - Undoing Yourself (With energized meditation and other devices)

    Robert Anton Wilson videos about the 8 circuit model

    YT: Dedroidify.com 8 Circuit Model intro

    YT: Robert Anton Wilson: circuits 1-4

    YT: Robert Anton Wilson: circuits 5-8

    YT: Robert Anton Wilson: higher circuits

    YT: Robert Anton Wilson: 7 circuits

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    Circuit comparison with Gurdjieff, Freud, Jung, Bern, Sagan, Piaget & Roddenberry:

    Circuit Imprint Sites Intelligence Reality Other Psychologies Comparison
    Leary Gurdjieff Freud Jung Berne Sagan Piaget Roddenberry
    I Limbic Physical Invertebrate Biosurvival Movement Oral Sensation Natural Reptile Sensorimotor Scotty
    II Thalamus Emotional Mammalian Emo-Territorial False emotional Anal Feeling Adapted Mammal Pre-Operational Dr. McCoy
    III Left cortex Conceptual Paleolithic Semantic False intellectual Latency Reason Adult Human Concrete Op. Mr. Spock
    IV Left neo-cortex Civilized Social Socio-Sexual False personality Phallic - Parent - Formal Op. Captain Kirk
    V - Sensory Hedonic Neurosomatic Magnetic Oceanic Intuition - - - -
    VI - Psychic Psionic Neuroelectric True emotional - - - - - -
    VII - Mythic Immortal Neurogenetic True intellectual - - - - - -
    VIII - Spiritual Cosmic Neuroatomic The Essence - - - - - -

    Link: Various charts and tabular representations of the human energy octave from the works of Leary, Wilson, Alli, Gurdjieff and Roddenberry. (Deoxy.org)

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  • Circuit 1 Physical, Bio-Survival, Security, Oral, Invertebrate, Fight or Flight, Scotty, Maternal Lactation, Nicotine, Valium, Prozac, Sedatives, (baby)
  • Circuit 2 Emotional, Territorial, Political, Anal, Feeling, Mammalian, Dr. McCoy, Alcohol, Temper Tantrums, Defending Beliefs, Reichean Therapy, (toddler)
  • Circuit 3 Conceptual, Logical, Semantic, Reason, Time-binding, Symbols, Mr. Spock, Reading, Writing, Telephone, Reality-Tunnel, Caffeine, Amphetamines, Nicotine, Chocolate, Cocaine, (primary education ages)
  • Circuit 4 Social, Sexual, Moral, Civilized, Phallic, Captain, Kirk, Television, Mass Media, Parties, Events, Fascism, Church (secondary education ages)
  • Circuit 5 Neurosomatic, Sensory, Intuition, Multidimensional thinking, Mind Body Connection, Hedonic, Meditation, Hatha Yoga, Hypnosis, NeuroLinguistic Programming, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Aikido, Shiatsu, Reiki, Endorphin Rush, Music, Sufi Whirling, Mandatory Silence, MDMA, Opium
  • Circuit 6 Neuroelectric, Psychic, Metaprogramming, Second Attention, Psionic, Visions, Advanced Meditations, Sense Deprivation, Isolation Tank, Kundalini and Raja Yoga, Lucid Dreaming, Chaotic and Dynamic Meditation, Retreat, Near Death Experience, Peyote, Psylocybin Mushrooms, Chaos Magick Rituals (eg Aleister-Crowley Peter-Carroll Phil-Hine)
  • Circuit 7 Neurogenetic, Collective Unconscious, Akashic Records, Archetypes, Mythic, Synchronicity, Psylocybin Mushrooms (heavier dose), DNA, DMT, LSD, Near Death Experience, Datura, Religious Conversion, Chaos Magick Rituals (eg Aleister-Crowley Peter-Carroll Phil-Hine)
  • Circuit 8 Neuroatomic, Cosmic, Spiritual, Out of Body Experience, Astral Travel, Satori, Enlightenment, Ketamine, Salvia, DMT, Jimson Weed, Datura, Aboriginal Dreamtime, Near Death Experience

  • Link: The Neuropharmacy of an Eight-Circuit Brain by Antero Alli: What actions & drugs activate which circuits?

  • It's important you work to evolve each of the lower 4 circuits before working on the higher ones & realize that each circuit is equally important.
    You have to be grounded and proficient at terrestrial skill before you move towards the extra-terrestrial, obviously.
  • In the Prometheus Rising overview, RAW switches circuits 6 & 7 to highlight the value of the Metaprogramming/Neuroelectric circuit over the Neurogenetic. I keep the Metaprogramming/Neuroelectric at 6 and the Neurogenetic at 7 throughout the site cause I like it better that way.

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    Excerpt from RAW's Quantum Psychology: Lower Circuit positive/negative overview.

    * Circuit 1: Oral Bio-Survival System
    Neophilic: exploring, healthier
    Neophobic: insecure, dogmatic (even when shifting), sicker
    note: reimprint via yoga or martial arts
    * Circuit 2: Anal Territorial System
    Dominant: lead, seek power
    Submissive: seek dominant types to lead them
    note: adrenaline, attacking rival pack
    * Circuit 3: Semantic Time-Binding System
    Pioneer/dominator: create new symbols, clear-thinking
    Conservative/follower: unthinking
    note: usually lasts for life (clear- as opposed to unthinking self)
    (The part of the brain that regulates reasoning, impulse control and judgment (circuit 3)
    is still under construction during puberty and doesn't shift into autopilot until about age 25.)
    * Circuit 4: Socio-Sexual System
    Sex-positive: joyous, transcendental, bright eyes & bushy tails
    Sex-negative: problematic, disturbed, zombie-like appearance
    note: negative imprint is the criminal born-to-lose type / jekyll-hyde dualism

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    The Eight Basic Winner/Loser Scripts by Robert Anton Wilson (Illuminati Papers excerpt).

    1. The biosurvival
    Winner: "I will live forever or die trying."
    Loser: "I don't know how to defend myself."

    2. The emotional-territorial
    Winner: "I am free; you are free; we can have our separate trips or we can have the same trip."
    Loser: "They all intimidate me."

    3. The semantic
    Winner: "I am learning more about everything, including how to learn more."
    Loser: "I can't solve my problems."

    4. The sociosexual
    Winner: "Love, and do what thou wilt." (Anon. of Ibid)
    Loser: "Everything I like is illegal, immoral, or fattening."

    5. The neurosomatic
    Winner: "How I feel depends on my neurological knowhow."
    Loser: "I can't help the way I feel."

    6. The metaprogramming
    Winner: "I make my own coincidences, synchronicities, luck, and Destiny."
    Loser: "Why do I have such lousy luck?"

    7. The neurogenetic
    Winner: "Future evolution depends on my decisions now."
    Loser: "Evolution is blind and impersonal."

    8. The neuroatomic
    Winner: "In the province of the mind, what is believed to be true is true, or becomes true within certain limits to be learned by experience and experiment. These limits are further beliefs to be transcended. In the province of the mind. There are no limits." (
    Dr.John Lilly)
    Loser: "I am not psychic, and I doubt anyone is."

    Link: The Eight Basic Winner/Loser Scripts by Robert Anton Wilson (seperately)
    (Robert Anton Wilson, The Illuminati Papers, p.93)

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    Chakra Energy Centers and Circuit Consciousness States

    Chakra Energy Center
    Circuit Consciousness State
    Muladhara Root Survival
    Circuit 1 Physical Biosurvival
    Circuit 2 Emotional Emo-Territorial
    Swadhisthana Sacral Unconscious Emotions Drives
    Circuit 3 Conceptual Semantic
    Manipura Solar Plexus Personal Power
    Circuit 4 Civilized Socio-Sexual
    Anahata Heart Love
    Circuit 5 Neurosomatic Sensory
    Vishuddha Throat Communication
    Circuit 6 Neuroelectric Psychic
    Ajna Third Eye Intuition
    Circuit 7 Neurogenetic Mythic
    Sahasrara Crown
    Circuit 8 Neuroatomic Cosmic

    link: Click here to open a graphic in a new window from deoxy.org featuring the Circuits and Chakras

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    There's more to evolution than a little DNA.

    46 & 2 are just ahead of me!

    "There is our level, comprising 44+2 chromosomes.
    We are a disharmonic level of consciousness that is used as a steppingstone from the 42+2 level to the next level,
    46+2... These two additional chromosomes change everything..."
    Drunvalo Melchizedek

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    "The universe is an intelligence test."
    Timothy Leary