No Balls
No Balls

This will piss off some people but I have to get it off my chest...
Following are a list of people who don't have the balls to talk about the false flag ops aka inside jobs 9/11,
and London 7/7 and Madrid 3/11.
Now I respect all these people on some level, some of them even a lot,
though they just blew it with me on a whole other level.
Don't see this in a black or white kind of way (try dammit :p).
I don't know why they ignore it or deny it. Too comfortable financially to take risks, not willing to risk their reputation,
pure ignorance, too lazy to investigate, I don't know.
Don't bitch about how I dare take on these people, if they actually spoke up about these atrocities themselves maybe the neocons would have been impeached and thrown out of the White House by now and this world would be a little safer and less fucking insane. Maybe this tiny little page will spark some debate at the very least.

Noam Chomsky (Author, lecturer)

Oh my god, I actually e-mailed him myself out of disbelief that he held his position that they were terrorist attacks. What he cared to reply was "if only you understood the nature of evidence." Well I fucking do Noam, he further ignored 3 major conspiracy hints and said "I'm not even gonna answer that." Well thanks a lot, bye bye my faith in you.
YT clip with Noam bitching about his denial
"Even if it's true, who cares." -> wow, just wow...

Bill Maher (Real Time)

I used to love Bill cause he seemed to have some big cohones, turned out it was just his mouth. The reason I can't stand him anymore is because he actively denounced the conspiracy 'theorists' several times on his show Real Time, while not mentioning one bit of evidence, just the same Fox News rethoric he hates himself.

Michael Moore (Director)

Well, is there anyone left who likes this guy? The picture works great :p since his Fahrenheit 9/11 wasn't worth sheeyat compared to what it could have been. It acted like a great shockbreaker with the randomness of its content. Such a freaking shame. To his credit he has been asking some questions lately...

Matt Stone & Trey Parker (South Park)

I hate their movies but I love South Park, though Mystery of the Urinal Deuce about 9/11 was the worst episode ever. They portrayed the 'theorists' as nutjobs and didn't even mention real evidence. Cowardly bullshit.

Keith Olbermann (Countdown with...)

I hate to do this man, I love and respect Keith, he's probably the last TV journalist in the US. But I haven't heard him talk about conspiracy evidence at all.

Jon Stewart (The Daily Show)

Look, I love Jon Stewart ok, but I stopped watching the Daily Show months ago. Why? Because the level the American media & government has sunk too just isn't funny anymore. I found myself shaking my head and rolling my eyes more than laughing and that's when I call it quits. I've also never heard him say anything even about any conspiracy evidence.

Stephen Colbert (The Colbert Report)

Same thing here, cool rap at the press dinner last year, though I'd have thrown conspiracy evidence out there for everyone to hear on top. What's also tragically funny is, in the beginning when the Report aired, there were loads of posts on internet forums debating wether he really was conservative or not, seriously...

Oh and fuck Maddox :p