Save Pluto! Save Earth! (You'd better not take this TOO seriously :p)

Following is a rather silly disturbing reactionary Pluto post :p

Pluto is still a damn planet!
Pluto is the astrological planet of RADICAL CHANGE (destruction, deconstruction), as another dimwitted attempt by the elite to squash the rebellion they had a team of quack 'scientists' denounce it as no longer a planet. Earlier attempts include making Pluto the bitch of Mickey Mouse. Don't these fuckers know that Darth V throws the Emperor down a Death Star shaft no matter what happens? Seriously!
Pluto: "Planet of destruction (deconstruction), and radical change, will be crossing galactic center and channeling that energy from the central sun, in early 2007. It takes around 250 years for pluto to complete one circuit of the zodiac. Pluto is presently (2005) approximately 24 degrees of sagittarius, when it moves into capricorn, the sign of order and government, etc it brings cataclismic upheavels and exposure of all corruption, in order to restore harmoney and a higher way of bieng. Individual lives will also dramatically transform. Pluto brings in a deep cleansing cycle to the psyche of human beings."
Michael Tsarion

"The nature of pluto is similar to that of the hindu god shiva. Pluto usually begins by breaking down a structure, then creates a new one in its place. The entire cycle of death, destruction and renovation is accompanied by tremendous powers, for pluto is not a mild or even very subtle planetary influence. It brings decay at one level or another. Also rules the death and regeneration of the self, as old aspects of your life pass away. Pluto does not represent death in the literal sense instead it refers to a metaphorical death, something that ceases to be."
Robert Hand

Its perverse manifestation however is in the unhealthy obsessions with death, perverse sex, and with breaking taboos, etc. The media is co-opting this and is already serving this aspect (forensic shows, fear factor, 'real' tv, etc)
Basically, pluto draws attention to all the unhealthy aspects of life, psychologically and socially. It brings upheaval and drags down the masks and deposes false icons and gods (clinton, stewart, jackson, o'reilly, limbaugh). Pluto's job is to comein and expose the emotional sewage (he skeletons in the closet) that lies just beneath the conscious mind. This opening is greatly disturbing to the ego, that will rather self-destruct than face its own shadows.

Pluto is related to the Tarot card of Death.

Pluto is associated closely with Uranus, the planet archetype of freedom, individuality and rebellion.

yay! Rebel planet, not sheep planet!

And save Earth while you're at it :p

For sheezy

Rebel for radical change, no matter how fucking silly you do it :p

No he's a FUCKING REBEL FOR RADICAL CHANGE, not man's best friend indeed! :p

ah, radical change :p

we'll just aim it for the whitehouse and take down what's around it :p

uranus = the planet archetype of freedom, individuality and rebellion.